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If you're like me, a Mother to Boys and a little more then addicted to scrapbooking - the paper, ribbons, flowers, buttons, glitter, you might be wondering how to incorporate all those finds into the perfect layout! I'm here to help! At least, I'll try. I've been scrapbooking for about 8 years and have only recently decided I was done with holding back on all the beautiful embellishments and am going to start using them. Hope you enjoy my journey!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rough Housin'....or do you really call it a massage???

So, time to post my latest challenge-inspired scrapbook page, and aren't I lucky to have my two little guys right here with me!  One is seated behind me 'massaging' my shoulders, while the other is staring - reading every word I type!  All this love and attention from two guys who just pinched and poked one another, and then just happened to push the other's face into a couch cushion.  Yes, 2 boys do live here!

Enough of that though because I was left alone with a little quiet time to complete my 4th / 5th challenge of this vacation week.  I ventured on over to Color Combos Galore and my new fun find,  Taking the color inspiration and the sketch, I found myself looking back at Owen's first lost tooth!  Imagine my dismay when I receive a call right in the middle of a scrapbooking class, no less, and it's Owen telling me he finally lost that tooth! All of my fellow scrappers let out a big WOO WOO over the phone line and I was just filled with joy at what great women I was surrounded by. So, Bad Timin' on my part, but what a great weekend it was!

I hope you like the page.  I combined a bit of this, a bit of that on this one.  The papers are Mind's Eye and Pink Paislee, as is the little cork clock.  I created my own word search here, cutting and pasting together 'LOSTTOOTH', chalking the edges for some extra stand-out power! 

I hope I've inspired you to get started on your own creation! If not, check out my etsy shop for more inspiration!

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