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If you're like me, a Mother to Boys and a little more then addicted to scrapbooking - the paper, ribbons, flowers, buttons, glitter, you might be wondering how to incorporate all those finds into the perfect layout! I'm here to help! At least, I'll try. I've been scrapbooking for about 8 years and have only recently decided I was done with holding back on all the beautiful embellishments and am going to start using them. Hope you enjoy my journey!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

'Scrap the Scrapper'

When's the last time you took the time to really 'scrap' yourself?  I have to admit, it's probably been close to a year....pretty overdue I think. So, when I saw this challenge at My Creative Scrapbook
I decided to make it a priority.  

It's difficult to slow down and celebrate what you've been up to.  I mean seriously, baby's first steps, the big soccer game, first haircut - those events are just made for scrapbooking.  What about us scrapbookers and the moments that make up our lives each day?  I've been going through a lot lately and I must admit, trying to find the perfect embellishment that said what I was feeling was nearly impossible. Then I remembered this overlay I had picked up nearly 2 years ago.  Funny how the message still speaks to me....'Stop Searching, Create Yourself'.  Isn't that what we are all doing everyday? And so, I remind myself, "You will make mistakes.  You will learn and move on." 

"Noone is perfect.  You are beautiful, smart, creative and loved."  To be loved....when you are loved it's ok that the road was bumpy and the day was long, because you just know that there's a safe haven waiting for you.  That haven is my boys and my husband. 

"This time you will be ok"  This is what I tell myself and although I have my doubts they are fewer and I know I'm going to grow stronger each day. 

Lastly, something I need to remind myself daily, "With so much hurt in the world, why would you be anything but kind to yourself?"  And so, there are no black clouds on my layout, no haunted trees and no weeping angels.  I am free to Create Myself and I am creating a beautiful story.  

Thank you for dropping by!   

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