Scrapbooking with flowers, ribbons and all things beautiful -- with BOYS!

If you're like me, a Mother to Boys and a little more then addicted to scrapbooking - the paper, ribbons, flowers, buttons, glitter, you might be wondering how to incorporate all those finds into the perfect layout! I'm here to help! At least, I'll try. I've been scrapbooking for about 8 years and have only recently decided I was done with holding back on all the beautiful embellishments and am going to start using them. Hope you enjoy my journey!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Artsy Urban Garland....beautiful!

I must say, this has been a wonderful year for me when I think of the scrapbooking adventures I've had!  I have participated in more challenges, admired so many wonderful creations and had a ball building new relationships centered around scrapbooking - my absolute favorite creative outlet. 

Kicking off the year, I was invited to be a GCD Studios Spotlight Gal, and I was so excited for the opportunity to really get out there.  Well, December has rolled around and they do not seem to be actively supporting the Spotlight Gals anymore, but I've decided to show off my goodies anyway! 

I love all of the Artsy Urban line of papers and embellishments, so when I came across these chipboard birds in my stash, I thought how utterly perfect to decorate with all of the GCD line of goodies!  I am so happy with how they came out and so I've done something new for me, hang my scrapbooking art right out in the middle of everything!  These are hanging between my kitchen and living room where I can really enjoy them.  Hope you love them too! 

Hope you've enjoyed my little birds! 

I hope I've inspired you to get started on your own creation! If not, check out my etsy shop for more inspiration

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